Reed Simpson Construction is an established player in the construction industry and is well equipped to manage projects on any scale. The company boasts an impressive staff complement, comprised in the region of 120 site staff and 7 senior foremen.

The success of Reed Simpson Construction is attributed to hard work, dedication and the loyalty of staff members – some of whom have been with the company since its inception. Both Reed and Simpson believe that having a hands-on approach and being actively involved in the business has been a key element in reaching the 30 year milestone – an achievement that they are both extremely proud of.

Reed Simpson Construction is also committed to ensuring that there is a high standard of health and safety measures in place on all their sites. They are committed to training their staff to work safely and to comply with all internal safety rules.

Reed Simpson Construction has been rewarded for their commitment by a number of Safety Awards they have achieved over the past few years.

Both Reed and Simpson are committed to the advancement of Broad Based Black Empowerment Equity (BBBEE) plans. Our Company is committed to a skills development strategy that is in accordance with BBBEE development, in which the company acknowledges that staff training and development results in productivity improvements and greater workforce flexibility.

We have committed ourselves to a strategy to promote the achievement of BBBEE by the active participation of our black members in both management and the workforce by promoting increased skill development and equitable income distribution as a result. We currently have a BBBEE verification certificate of a level 1, and it is our intention and desire to assist meaningfully in the promotion of BBBEE suppliers to our company and to employ these BBBEE suppliers in our contracts.